Rock Vs Roll

One man built his house on the rock and another on the sand. Nature tested their strength through a downpour. One rocked while the other rolled! Who do you think stood strong? You guessed it right! Here’s a craft to help children understand that those who build their lives on Jesus the rock, stand strong through life’s challenges.

Level Junior
Age Group  4th, 5th Grades (9,10 years)
Story | Bible Portion The wise and the foolish builder | Matthew 7:24-27
Time Required  15 minutes
Difficulty level Easy
Message People who build their life on Jesus are strong because Jesus makes them strong.


Things required:

  • For each child: 1 half circle papers (at least 6 inches in diameter for the body), 2 small circular papers (for the head), a stone.template
  • For all: glue, color pens/ crayons, cellophane tape, scissors.

Preparation (Before the session starts)

  • Cut a semi-circle and two small circles for each child.
  • Make a sample of the craft to show the kids during the session using the instructions given below.

Method (During the session)

  • Ask the children to complete the face of the two puppets by drawing eyes, nose, mouth and hair.
  • Make the body:
    • Let them fold the semi-circle into half and cut it into two, to make two sectors.
    • Then make a cone out of each sector by sticking the sides together.
    • A lean or stout body can be achieved by varying where you stick the sides – in the edge or little inside.
  • Complete the puppets:
    • Stick the face of the puppet on to the body. Do the same for the other puppet.
    • Let the children stick the stone inside one of the puppet cone (body) using the cellophane tape.
  • Conduct a competition in the class. Ask each child to place his/her puppets in the center of the class (one child at a time). When you signal start the rest of the children should blow on it. The paper puppet will fly away but the stone one will stand firm.
  • Announce that whichever child has both his/her puppets standing is the winner.
  • As you suspect, no one can win in this challenge.

DSC_0816 copy

Message (Complete the session sharing this message)

The puppet with the stone is compared to the man who builds his life on Jesus. The one who does not build his life on Jesus is the one who is only paper. When the wind blew, the ‘only paper’ puppet flies away but the one with the stone stands strong. This is how people are made strong when they build their life on Jesus. They can do all things through Jesus who would make them strong! Would you build your life on Jesus? What do you think that means?

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