Hello there!

Our mission this year is to inspire children to get curious about God and have a relationship with Him. We want to show how incredible life with God is!

Here is how we plan to do it:


Church Version

Church version is 5 session lesson plan (2 hours each). This is designed for church going kids.

Focus Points:
Day 1: God, who are you?
Day 2: God, can I see you?
Day 3: God, what are you like?
Day 4: God, why did you die?
Day 5: God, what can I do for you?

But what if your audience are kids who have no connection with God? Don't worry! We have got you covered. Connect - Satellite Version

Satellite Version

Satellite version is 3 session lesson plan (1 hours each). This is designed with newbies in mind.

Focus Points:
Day 1: How to choose friends?
Day 2: Can Jesus be a friend to you?
Day 3: What is it like to be a friend of Jesus?

You are invited!

The teachers’ training for the camp is to be held online this year.

Register as soon as you can! (Only 100 seats available)


Date: 15th April, 2023
Time: 10am to 1pm
Location: Zoom, Online
Available Seats: 100
Training Language: Tamil
5 days/ 3days lesson plan will be available post the training.

To Register:
Call Sis. Suganthi +91 94446 94983
or Sis. Priyanka +91 99620 29485
(Or) Click
(Or) Write to us at


  • Teachers training (Tamil and English) will be conducted over zoom. If you want private training for your church, please let email/ call us.
  • Materials will be available in English and Tamil
  • Church Version costs Rs.7 per child (includes workbook, badge, certificate, attendance sheets). Teachers guide is available for free.
  • Satellite Version costs Rs.3 per child (includes workbook). Teachers guide is available for free.
  • Material will be available by 22nd April, 2023.

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