Hey! Welcome to Jesus for Kidz blog. It gives me immense pleasure to IMG_8122_smallshare with you all the noteworthy lessons I have learnt during my 18 years of teaching Sunday School, the breath-taking wit, and intelligence of kids (who sometimes have been my teachers than I have been for them) and  a lot of my Edison-ish mistakes (1000 ways how NOT to teach Sunday School).

They say ‘Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars’. And yes, I have dream plans for launching complete 52 week Sunday school lessons, 365 days devotional for kids and 3/5 days kids camp (VBS) lessons. I would absolutely love your prayer support.

I would like to thank my amazing parents and home church pastors, Rev. Devadasan and Mrs.Vahitha Devadasan, Bethel A.G church, who have always been great pillars of encouragement for me. I thank God for my loving hubby, John Finney,  who patiently edits all my posts and my dear brother, Jim David who helps me with the pictures. Countless are the people who have influenced me, and some are worth mentioning: my Sunday school teacher – Mrs. Florence whose love for craft work has stuck to me like a plague (according to aforementioned hubby), my favourite school teacher –  Ms. Preeti from whom I learnt the art of storytelling, my dad, and mum who laid the foundation of my kids ministry. A few books have played a great role too: books by my favorite kids’ author – Enid Blyton, especially ‘The naughtiest Girl‘, Great Joy – Sunday school material).

Thanks a ton to all my readers, including you who sedulously fill my site’s hits graph which keeps me going with this blog. Thank you very much for all your prayers. What an encouragement you have been! God bless! 🙂

My highest praise is to my God who teaches and trains me. He said ‘Become like little children!’ (Matthew 18:2-4). Little did I fathom the depth of His statement when I started kids ministry. As years pass with increasing wisdom about kids, there is also a steep hike in the awareness that there is a lot more I am yet to learn about them. I thank God for the privilege He has given me to serve His little ones whom He dearly loves. I’m sure you share the same feelings as me.  With this desire, I started this blog – to pen my thoughts and learn from yours.  Hope you have great fun browsing through my posts. Would love to hear from you!  God bless!

Your fellow servant in Him,
Linda Shiny


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Shiny, I am really very happy to see such a blog. I sincerely believe and pray that these blogs might help many children to know the truth of Jesus in a very tender age and they might experience Jesus personally as you and me did. May God bless you in this attempt of yours and use you to be a blessing to many. I would be happy to learn from you as well as to help you if any.


  2. Shiny, you are a wonder that makes wonders through this blog, in meeting the wonderful kids who bulits their wonder ful future in christ….its a great Blessing to the world….


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