Top 5 Endangered Truths kids need to know

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free [John 8:32]... (And here's a funny continuation someone added to it - but is quite grating at first 😉 ) Blaise Pascal said, "Truth is so obscure nowadays and lies well established that unless we love the truth we shall never recognize it". Did you know that … Continue reading Top 5 Endangered Truths kids need to know

Tip to make kids learn the Fruit of the Spirit

Here's a play-way method to help kids memorize the fruit of the Spirit. You can check out the story for this session here. Objective: To make the kids memorize the fruit of the spirit. Target Audience: All age groups Things required: Chart sheet Colors Scissor A piece of cloth/ cardboard/ thermocol sheet Bell pins/ glue … Continue reading Tip to make kids learn the Fruit of the Spirit

Jim & Jom – Fruit of the Spirit

This short story can be used as an introduction to the Fruit of the Spirit series. You can check out our additional resource on helping kids memorize the nine fruit of the Spirit here. Message: To bear the fruit of the Spirit, you need to have Jesus in your heart. Target audience: Primary Key Verse: He who … Continue reading Jim & Jom – Fruit of the Spirit

Stick Puppets

One hardly needs to describe the magnitude of our major childhood attractions - one of them being puppets: puppets of varying size and type. Here's one easy and inexpensive way of doing it for your kids. Hope you like it!  These stick puppets will look much better when used with a background. Click here to learn to make a … Continue reading Stick Puppets

Portable Stick Puppet Stage

Puppets are very effective tools when it comes to reaching kids. However they require a lot of effort in preparing a team and most importantly a stage. But what if there isn't any team available? Can you still use this method of teaching? How nice would it be if you could set up the stage and present the story yourselves … Continue reading Portable Stick Puppet Stage