Kids Camp 2018

Come, Let us seek! Umm... Seek, what? The latest gadget? The new X-box game? The current fashion trend? The newest restaurant? (Rajesh scratches his head in bafflement)  Seek, how? Google search? Google maps? (Rani is deep in thoughts) No kid in the block is oblivious to those answers :-D. Seeking for something is nothing novel, but what … Continue reading Kids Camp 2018

God is Good [Intermediate]

God is good! Here's a small one-hour session that will help children between 9 to 12 years of age learn that God is Good. Happy teaching! Level Intermediate Age Group 5 to 8 Grade (9 to 12 years) Story Naaman is healed Message Taste and see that God is good. You can taste him by … Continue reading God is Good [Intermediate]

Paper Puppets

Visual aids are tools that help taking the message effectively to the heart of the kids. One such attractive tool, puppets, come in handy when you have a bunch of volunteers to assist. But say it is only you who will have to stage the show and you have very few materials [like paper, colors...], will you still be able to use puppets? Here's an easy DIY tip! Read along...

Tip to make kids learn the Fruit of the Spirit

Here's a play-way method to help kids memorize the fruit of the Spirit. You can check out the story for this session here. Objective: To make the kids memorize the fruit of the spirit. Target Audience: All age groups Things required: Chart sheet Colors Scissor A piece of cloth/ cardboard/ thermocol sheet Bell pins/ glue … Continue reading Tip to make kids learn the Fruit of the Spirit

Five loaves and two fishes

The miracle of the Five loaves and two fishes is my all time favorite story from the Bible in teaching the kids about the importance of sharing. Is it possible to make the story come true using newspaper and some colors? Read along and you will know. Things you'll need: Chart/cardboard sheet (or any thick paper) … Continue reading Five loaves and two fishes

God's Wonderful Creation

God’s Wonderful Creation

I used to have difficulty remembering a long list of items until I learnt the technique of using images to store the data in my mind. Here's a craft to visualize the creation story which the kids will remember forever. Things you'll need : Newspaper cuts: eight 12x8 cm sheets per child Satin Ribbon: 15-18cm … Continue reading God’s Wonderful Creation

Jesus turns water into wine

Jesus was invited to a wedding. The wine which was an essential part of the party got over. Jesus' mother wanted Him to do something about it. What did He do? Did He solve the problem? Were the guests happy? How about answering these questions with a simple but catchy role play! Well, here's a … Continue reading Jesus turns water into wine