Jesus turns water into wine

Jesus was invited to a wedding. The wine which was an essential part of the party got over. Jesus’ mother wanted Him to do something about it. What did He do? Did He solve the problem? Were the guests happy?

How about answering these questions with a simple but catchy role play! Well, here’s a tip! (You can even use this as a craft work for the day. Scroll to the end to see more details.)

Age Group: Beginners (4-5 years)

Bible Portion: John 2: 1-12

Things you’ll need:

  • Flour
  • Fine Coffee powder / any brown coloring agent
  • Water
  • Red and blue color paper
  • Egg cartons
  • Sketch pens
  • Chart paper

Preparation :

1)  Mix the fine coffee powder and flour together and kneed it adding water. You’ll need a handful of dough for each kid.

Kneaded dough
Fig.1: Kneaded dough

2)  Decorate the top surface of the cartons as you desire. (hint: you could write the memory verse of the day or the title of the story.

Decorated egg carton
Fig 2: Decorated egg carton

3)  Cut  6 + 6 round pieces from the red and blue color paper with a diameter of 1cm approximately for each kid.

Blue and Red circular paper cuts
Fig 3: Blue and Red circular paper cuts

Method :

1) Start by sharing the story of Wedding at Cana.

2) When you come to the part where Jesus commands the servants to fill the jars with water, give each kid 6 portions of dough of 2 cm approx and teach them to make the pots.

Steps to make the pot:

Step 1: Roll on a portion of the dough into a round ball

Rolling the dough into a ball
Fig 4: Rolling the dough into a ball

Step 2: Insert the index finger into the worked dough and pull the walls around the insertion towards the palm, so that you get a tall pot

Making an insertion
Fig 5: Making an insertion

Step 3 (optional): You can then work on the sides to make different types of pots to suit your imagination.

Different shapes of jars
Fig 6: Different shapes of jars

4) After the kids have  made 6 pots for themselves, continue the story (servants poured in water..). To demonstrate this, give each student 6 pieces of blue chits you have already prepared and make them place it inside the pot.

Pots filled with water
Fig 7: Pots filled with water

5) When you come to next part of the story where Jesus turns the water into wine, hand over to the kids six red chits each. As you narrate the story make them to place the red chits over the blue ones.

Water turned into wine
Fig 8: Water turned into wine

Luckily I had a gift wrapper which was red on one side and blue on the other. So I just made the kids flip over the chit which was even dramatic. Don’t need to panic if you don’t have such a wrapper. Separate red and blue papers would do.

6) I always encourage Sunday school takeaways. This gives the parents a good impression of what the kids have learn in the class and for the kids a masterpiece to showcase. Either way it is good for you. So I used my egg carton collection which had exactly 6 holders. Don’t bother yourself if you do not have such a container. You can use long strips of cardboard. You could always use one the following methods or even invent your own.

Method 1: Using Egg Cartons

Place a pot inside each holder and today’s take away is ready!

Jesus turned water into wine takeaway
Fig 9.1: Jesus turned water into wine takeaway
Jesus turned water into wine takeaway
Fig 9.2: Jesus turned water into wine takeaway

Method 2: Using long strips of cardboard

Give each child a long strip of cardboard. Stick the pots in place using an adhesive. Jesus turned water into vine take ways is good to go!

PS: Please let me know your valuable comments and any enhancing ideas regarding the above take away. Would be of great help. Thanks 🙂

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