Portable Stick Puppet Stage

Puppets are very effective tools when it comes to reaching kids. However they require a lot of effort in preparing a team and most importantly a stage. But what if there isn’t any team available? Can you still use this method of teaching? How nice would it be if you could set up the stage and present the story yourselves without much strain yet equally effective as the conventional style! Well, here’s a tip for you: portable Stick Puppet Stage. Enjoy!

Things you’ll need:

Things needed
  • Shoe box cover
  • Cardboard sheet
  • Satin ribbon – 3 pieces (one 150cm approx. and two 25cm approx.)
  • Oasis (flower foam) / thermocol
  • Puncher (optional)
  • scissors
  • Colors ( Sketch pens/crayons/ paint)
  • White sheet of paper

Let’s do it!


The shoe box cover will make the base of the portable stage. Cut a rectangular or square sheet from the cardboard with length equivalent to the length of the base and height as you much as you want. This will be the backdrop holder. In this model, I have used a 28×25 size cardboard sheet.

Pic #1


Punch holes on the base and the backdrop holder as shown in the picture.

2 (276x350)


This step involves weaving the long satin ribbon through the holes in the base cover.  Start from point (2) and bring it straight through point (1), then to point (10) and bring it out through point (9). Make sure you have equal length of open ended ribbon on both sides.

3a (350x208)


Tie a knot on the outer surface of points (2) and (9). This secures the base ribbon in place.

3b (350x205)


The next step is to weave the remaining ribbon through the holes in the backdrop holder as shown in the figure. The remaining ribbon is used to tie the entire setup to your neck while teaching.

4 (225x350)


Now it is time to use the short ribbons. Pass one end if it into point (1) and tie a knot inside as shown. You can even tie a knot outside to make it more firm. Repeat this step at point (10) also.

5 (350x233)


Tighten up the long ribbon such that a perfect ‘L’ shape it formed without any bends forward or backward. Take open end of the short ribbons from point (1) and push it into point (5) and mark the point on the ribbon where it enters point (5). Repeat the same for the other side. i.e. at points (10) and (6).

6 (350x332)


Once you know where the ribbon enters the hole, remove it a make a knot a little before it enters the hole. Then insert it through the whole and make a knot at the back of the hole too. The short ribbons give support to the holder to stay perpendicular to the base.

7 (350x233)


Now, all you have to do it to fill the base with some material on to which you can stick you stick puppets into. I have used oasis (floral foam). You can also use thermocol as an alternative.

8 (350x319)

Voila! you’re portable stick puppet stage is good to go! Use your imaginations to put up a catchy background and amaze your kids with your stick puppets.

Tip  You can read about making stick puppets here.

Extra Tips

  • If you are a bit pedantic about re-usability as I am, you can make frames out of chart paper as shown in the picture. This also makes it easier to change different backgrounds in the same story. You’ll just have to plug your backdrop in and out as necessary.

10 (350x233)

  • Following are few examples of backdrops.
Can be used for most of the Pentateuch stories (Abraham/Jacob/Moses/Joseph)
Can be used for most of the Pentateuch stories (Abraham/Jacob/Moses/Joseph)
Can be used for Abraham's story/ birth of Jesus(by adding the bright star)
Can be used for Abraham’s story/ birth of Jesus(by adding the bright star)

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