A nicer way to celebrate Easter!

The celebration of Good Friday and Easter is still a debated event among Christendom. Nevertheless, it is a happy time for all the children because most of them have a holiday on Friday. Who does not enjoy a long weekend!

Is there a nicer way to celebrate Easter? 

There may be many, but here is one tried and tested strategy.

Kids Camp Team has developed a simple curriculum for 3 days with the theme, ‘Jesus my Superhero‘. It introduces Jesus to children in a way they understand. The interesting fact about this material is that it is designed with the following kind of people in mind:

  • People who are quite busy and have very less time to spare
  • Short of resources (Well, you may be the only staff available)
  • Simple budget



The three days materials have some special features like indoor and outdoor games (so if the available space is less, indoor games would come in handy), easy to do crafts, life-changing stories, creative crafts and thought-provoking activities. Here’s a glimpse of what is done!

Group A ( Children less than 8 years of age)


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Daily Theme Jesus is good Jesus helps Jesus gives
Memory verse The Lord is good to all. [Psalm 145:9] God is my help. [Psalm 54:4] Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life [John 3:36]
Story The wedding at Cana Jesus heals 10 lepers Jesus on the cross and resurrection
Bible Portion John 2: 1-12 Luke 17:11-19 Luke 22: 63-65; Matthew 28:1-9
Message Jesus is good and powerful God Jesus helps everybody who asks Him. Jesus died to give you a place I heaven.


Group B (Children 8 and above)


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Daily Theme Jesus gives joy Jesus heals Jesus forgives
Memory verse In your presence there is fullness of joy. [Psalm 16:11]  I am the Lord, who heals you. [Exodus 15:26] But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins [1 John 1:9]
 Story The wedding at Cana Jesus heals 10 lepers Jesus forgives Peter
Bible Portion John 2: 1-12 Luke 17:11-19 Mark 14: 1-2, 10-11; Luke: 22:31-34; Matthew 26:41,69-75; 27: 27-66; Mark 16:1-8; John 21:1-19;
Message Jesus brings joy to those who invite Him in their life. Jesus heals anybody who asks of Him When you feel sorry for the mistakes you have done against God and confess it to Him, He will forgive you. You will have a place in Heaven.

So you don’t need a big space, a lot of children or staffs. If you have around 10 children near your house/ apartment, why not spend Easter sharing the love of God in sending His Son to die on the cross, in ways your children can understand?

You can do this as a church too. This is our story – Two years ago, our VBS director realised a problem with the standard 5 days church centralized pattern. It required a lot of effort, staff, budget and the results were appealing too. Around 200 children would attend but there were many more in our neighborhood who were willing to come but were not able to. Some of them were restricted by the parents to come to church,  some were not allowed to travel long distances to church and so on. So the church administration with the guidance of the senior pastors decided on a new strategy. Instead of bringing the children to the camp in one centralized location (Our church), why not take the camp to the children in many de-centralized locations (believers’ house) too? This idea was criticized and appreciated. But the team pioneered with faith that many more children will be blessed. But then the question arose, ‘How can we conduct Kids Camp for 5 days in so many places? It would require a lot of resources and effort’ That’s when Kids Camp outstation (3 days) birthed. In our first year, Kids Camp outstation was held in most of the places where care cells were held – 22 houses and 669 children were blessed!  The church saw the benefits and did not regret the choice they had made. Our main Camp staffs went to those places and taught the children. God blessed the second year abundantly. New homes were opened and many more volunteers who realized that the material is quite simple and anyone with interest can handle it, joined. Last year Kids Camp-Outstation was held in 51 homes and 1274  children were blessed!  We can’t wait for Easter to come to witness God’s goodness in this year’s camp. Though the 3 days camp brought blessing to many children we did not stop the 5 days camp in the church. It may be the only time some of the children get to see a church and the testimonies we heard encourages us.

So here’s a great opportunity as a church or an individual! Hope you don’t miss it!

Fill out the form below for your free copy of Kids Camp – Outstation (3 days):

* The materials will be mailed after 15th March, 2016.

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