Kids Camp 2018

Come, Let us seek!

Umm… Seek, what? The latest gadget? The new X-box game? The current fashion trend? The newest restaurant? (Rajesh scratches his head in bafflement) 

Seek, how? Google search? Google maps? (Rani is deep in thoughts)

No kid in the block is oblivious to those answers :-D. Seeking for something is nothing novel, but what is sought after has been the evolving element (For good or worse, is a whole new topic by itself). Amidst changing seasons, the story of man has always involved a small group (too few to even be considered a minority) who sought after one thing, someone perhaps! Those select few have been the history makers, globetrotters and legends in the eyes of man and even more importantly God.

You must have guessed the treasure they were tireless hunters after – GOD!

One such man was Moses, who had the audacity to ask God of the universe, “Show me your way, that I may walk in them!”. Did He respond? Or reveal His Majesty? Yes, He did! He showed Himself to a man who was so ordinary, accounting for nothing and made him the Moses we now remember – A legend who shaped the history of a nation and still does today!

This year we introduce kids to this fading habit of seeking God. We teach them to seek God in their problems, for their souls and more importantly, throughout their lives.

Day 1: Seek & Be Saved 

Day 2: Seek & Be Changed

Day 3: Seek & Be helped

Day 4: Seek & See

Day 5: Seek & Know

We have the tools you need to make this happen – catchy but meaningful songs, breathtaking real-life stories, energetic games and activities that help kids learn by doing; above all, the life-changing word of God! We have partnered with God to reach many kids in 2018.

The training sessions and the availability of the Kit will be updated here shortly.

We need your prayers. If you would like to join us in this great mission or know more about our kit, please drop a mail to or you can simply fill out the form given below.

Hope to get in touch with you soon! God bless! 🙂

Team J4K KidsCamp



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