Portable Stick Puppet Stage

Puppets are very effective tools when it comes to reaching kids. However they require a lot of effort in preparing a team and most importantly a stage. But what if there isn’t any team available? Can you still use this method of teaching? How nice would it be if you could set up the stage and present the story yourselves without much strain yet equally effective as the conventional style! Well, here’s a tip for you: portable Stick Puppet Stage. Enjoy!

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Are you prepared?

In my previous posts I had shared various ways of teaching a story through crafts. You can check them out here, here and a lot more here. Today, I want to show you the path to preparing a lesson on your own, simply because you know your kids better. I could find no better place to start than the ‘Preparation’ itself. Thanks for reading 🙂 and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the feedback form provided below.


Have you seen an athlete, who prepares for years to run a few hundred meters? When you were younger, did you spend months preparing for a few exams? Have you seen your mum get up early in the morning to prepare for hours for the day’s meal? All these examples lead us to one simple conclusion: Preparation! Preparation! Preparation! It is the soul of a successful Sunday school session too.

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5 basic ingredients for a rewarding Sunday school

         Hey guys! Vanaja here. Following are a few tips for a rewarding Sunday school I would like to share with you as a remainder. These are simple principles I have learnt and followed over the years of my ministry with kids.

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Five loaves and two fishes

The miracle of the Five loaves and two fishes is my all time favorite story from the Bible in teaching the kids about the importance of sharing. Is it possible to make the story come true using newspaper and some colors? Read along and you will know.

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+ God's Wonderful Creation

God’s Wonderful Creation

I used to have difficulty remembering a long list of items until I learnt the technique of using images to store the data in my mind. Here’s a craft to visualize the creation story which the kids will remember forever.

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Jesus turns water into wine

Jesus was invited to a wedding. The wine which was an essential part of the party got over. Jesus’ mother wanted Him to do something about it. What did He do? Did He solve the problem? Were the guests happy?

How about answering these questions with a simple but catchy role play! Well, here’s a tip! (You can even use this as a craft work for the day. Scroll to the end to see more details.)

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A heart with Jesus

This game reminds the children that we can always see a difference in the lives of people who have Jesus in their heart.

Target Audience: Intermediate  (9 to 12 years)


In a small chit of paper write “Jesus” and fold it.


  • Choose one player as the ‘Detective’.
  • Ask him or her to leave the room until you call them in.
  • Make the other children sit in a circle.
  • Teach them two kinds of actions.
    • One, for with Jesus (Say, clapping hands with 4 fingers)
    • Another, without Jesus (Say, clapping with 2 fingers)
  • Ask all the children to close their eyes.
  • Walk around them and drop the chit into one of their laps.
  • That child must do the action for “With Jesus”. Everyone else must do the other action for “Without Jesus”.
  • As the children continue doing their actions, call the “Detective”  in.
  • The Detective should find out the child with Jesus within 20 seconds.
  • Repeat the game by choosing a new Detective and changing the actions for “With Jesus” and “Without Jesus”.


We can always see a difference in people who have Jesus in their heart.

Jesus in my heart

Have you planned a lesson which talks about the goodness of inviting Jesus into your hearts?  Here’s a good supplementary game that emphasizes this message effectively for younger kids.

Jesus in my heart

Target Audience: Tyro  (3 to 8 years)


Draw a big circle on the ground using chalk/ masking tape.


  • Make the children stand on the circle.
  • When you say, “Jesus is in my heart” They should jump inside the circle and clap and shout with joy.
  • When you say, “Jesus not in my heart”, they should jump out of the circle and show a very sad face.


You are happy when Jesus is in your heart.


Kids Camp 2018

Come, Let us seek!

Umm… Seek, what? The latest gadget? The new X-box game? The current fashion trend? The newest restaurant? (Rajesh scratches his head in bafflement) 

Seek, how? Google search? Google maps? Review.com? (Rani is deep in thoughts)

No kid in the block is oblivious to those answers :-D. Seeking for something is nothing novel, but what is sought after has been the evolving element (For good or worse, is a whole new topic by itself). Amidst changing seasons, the story of man has always involved a small group (too few to even be considered a minority) who sought after one thing, someone perhaps! Those select few have been the history makers, globetrotters and legends in the eyes of man and even more importantly God.

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Rock Vs Roll

One man built his house on the rock and another on the sand. Nature tested their strength through a downpour. One rocked while the other rolled! Who do you think stood strong? You guessed it right! Here’s a craft to help children understand that those who build their lives on Jesus the rock, stand strong through life’s challenges.

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God is Good [Advanced]

God is good! Here’s a small one-hour session that will help children learn that God is Good. Happy teaching!

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God is Good [Intermediate]

God is good! Here’s a small one-hour session that will help children between 9 to 12 years of age learn that God is Good. Happy teaching!

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God is Good [Tyro]

God is good! Here’s a small one-hour session that will help tiny tots learn that God is Good. Happy teaching!

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OBEY Bracelet

The Bible talks about the blessings of obedience in all its books. Here is an easy to do craftwork, that will help you explain the significance of obedience while the children are working at it.

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Challenging stories for teens

Teen years are when change becomes an everyday constant. There is a change in the reasoning abilities, emotional patterns, social behavior and physical body. In short, there is a change in almost everything. And that is why it makes the teen years very important part of life. It is the laying up of foundation period. The choices made then have lifelong impacts. As a teen worker or a parent, monitoring the growth status in every area of a teen is very important and necessary.  One practical way is to tell/show/read to them great examples of people who have lived before or handing them some inspiring books that shaped your teen years as a Christ-follower.

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Jesus helps me when I ask- Game

Here’s a game that teaches children that Jesus helps them when they pray.

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Kids Camp 2016 (Outstation)

Hey Guys! The 3 days material is ready for delivery! You can get a free copy of the lessons delivered to your Inbox by filling out the form given at the end. Yes, you heard it right! It is absolutely free!

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A nicer way to celebrate Easter!

The celebration of Good Friday and Easter is still a debated event among Christendom. Nevertheless, it is a happy time for all the children because most of them have a holiday on Friday. Who does not enjoy a long weekend!

Is there a nicer way to celebrate Easter? 

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