Are you on the hunt for weekly Sunday school lessons for kids? Well, here are a few one hour Bible sessions for kids jam packed with God’s word, sound teaching and truck loads of fun. We would love to know what you think and also let us know if you need lessons on a particular subject by commenting below.

These one hour sessions are divided into the following three sections:

  1. Singing Time  – 20 minutes
  2. Story – 30 minutes
  3. Activity – 10 minutes

The following kit categorizes children into three groups

  • Tyro                      –    Kindergarten to 4 Grade    –      3 to 8 years
  • Intermediate      –    5 to 8 Grade                          –      9 to 12 years
  • Advanced            –    9 to 12 Grade                        –      13 to 16 years


Lesson Story Tyro Intermediate Advanced
God is Good Naaman finds God Message:
God is very good. He helps those who come to him because he is good.
The echo cave (Game)

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Taste and see that God is good. You can taste him by going to Him in prayer.
The tasting competition (Game)

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God is good all the time! No matter how good or bad your situation is, God is good to you if you go to Him.
‘God is good’ Kabaddi (Game)

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