5 basic ingredients for a rewarding Sunday school

         Hey guys! Vanaja here. Following are a few tips for a rewarding Sunday school I would like to share with you as a remainder. These are simple principles I have learnt and followed over the years of my ministry with kids.

1. Knowing the subject precisely – THE BIBLE in our case is the cost of earning respect from kids
No matter which age group you are teaching, it is always good to know the subject better. Our subject is the Bible. If you haven’t read the bible fully yet, it’s the best time to utilize to read and know it better. We must know also the basic things from the bible like the total books of the bible, correct order of the books etc so we can teach better
2. Walking the talk is more important than taking about the walk!Even if you know what the Bible teaches, if you don’t live it in your own life, then you can do much more harm than good by trying to teach it to others. More than listening children learn by seeing. They SEE how we LIVE.  They are watching when you don’t realize they are, to see if you really believe what you are teaching them, or if you are just wasting their time. If you are not willing to live it yourself, then you shouldn’t be teaching it.
3. Preparation is the key to successful Sunday school

Respect your children’s time. If they have taken their time out to come to Sunday school, it is our primary duty to take out time to be prepared beforehand. Be on time, to greet your students. Know the Bible story you are going to teach thoroughly, by reading it from the Bible. Don’t teach it from memory; take the time to read it, pray about it, and think of how to present the material most effectively. You mostly just have to be very, very familiar with the Bible and what it says.

4. THE BIBLE – That’s our subject!

You might grow up in the church and learned the same Bible stories and lessons over and over but never think that the bible stories are stale and that you have to come up with something fresh to teach. Each new generation of children, and even each new generation of Christians, does not know these stories yet. The Bible stories are fresh, new and exciting to a child, or to a new Christian of any age. God’s Word is “living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword,” (Hebrews 4:12), so you do not have to worry about it being dull. It is relevant in each and every society and time period. If you teach it with enthusiasm, your students will learn the lessons God has to teach them through His Word.

5. A balanced Sunday school is seasoned with love from the beginning to the end

Greet your students by name and treat them kindly. When you teach, be gentle in your rebukes for those who may be less than attentive; when you ask for comments, be careful how you respond when you receive them. Use Scripture to correct when unbiblical questions pop up.   Bible is the only real authority. Teaching Sunday School is a tremendous privilege. Make sure you know the Bible and live it in your own life. Be prepared to teach by being very familiar with the material, and be on time. Remember that the Bible is God’s Living Word, and is fresh and exciting. After all, “All Scripture is inspired by God, and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16). Get to know and love your students, and you should have a very successful time teaching Sunday School.

Vanaja Uthaiah is a vibrant,  fun-loving and passionate Sunday school teachers trainer. She had been heading Evangelism Explosion International for kids as Indian co-ordinator. Currently she is working with Every Home Crusade, India.

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