Top 5 Endangered Truths kids need to know

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free [John 8:32]… (And here’s a funny continuation someone added to it – but is quite grating at first 😉 )

Blaise Pascal said, “Truth is so obscure nowadays and lies well established that unless we love the truth we shall never recognize it”.

Did you know that the choices we make later in life are very much decided by the truths that were inscribed in us while we were children? As Sunday school teachers or kids workers, God has given us the much privileged, challenging and indispensably significant task of shaping the tomorrow’s choices of today’s kids. Over and over again, we read in the book of Kings and Chronicles in the Bible that the kings who were shaped by Godly mentors lived a God-pleasing lives and turned out to be history-making, successful leaders.

Following are top five endangered truths I believe kids today need to know:

Truth #5 

Jesus loves you the way you are and He can make you into someone special, when you choose to become His friend.

Truth #4

Life with God is not a boring or joyless life as the world tags it

Truth #3

Living for God has always been a challenge – a swim against the tides

Truth #2

Without God you can do nothing

Truth #1

This is where I need your help 🙂 Please let me know what you think today’s kids need to be taught. (You don’t have to stick to just one! )

Post Update [15-Aug-2015]

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful responses. Here are some of the amazing truths our readers would like to add:

Myth: God will only talk to adults.
Truth: God loves kids and he talks and could possibly reveals mystery to/through them.

– Nirupa Samson

God starts at a very early age. Example: John the Baptist can accept a word of Blessing from Mary when he was still in the womb, Joseph can have God’s plan from childhood, Samuel can have Prophetic gifts when he was very small (Jeremiah 1:5 also justifies that). God does not need a kid to grow up to reveal His plan but at the age he/she is in.

– Nath


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