Paper Puppets

Hey guys! You must have read the instructions on how to make stick puppets and portable puppet stage else you can find it all here and here.

Here’s another way of making quick and easy puppets – paper puppets. Hope you enjoy!

Things you will need:

  • Paper (of course 😀 )
  • Glue ( Cellophane tape is a much-preferred option though – quick and tidy 😉 )
  • Scissors
  • Pencil/ pen
  • Colors (Optional)


  1. Cut small circles out of the papers with the radius almost equal to the height of the puppet. Fold it into halves twice and cut a sector out of it (To get a quarter of the circle).

01. Paper Cuts

2. Bring the edges together and make a cone. Paste the edges together using glue or cellophane tape.

02. Puppet Body

3. Draw the face of the puppet with appropriate expressions in a separate sheet. Here are some examples.

03. Puppet Faces

4. Cut and paste it on top of the puppet.

04. Puppet Base

Voila! Basic paper puppet is ready! Well, you certainly can enhance the looks of it by adding some of your creativity.

Here are some ideas:

  • Draw dress patterns and color the paper before you make the cone.
  • Or even better, make a paper dress.

05. Puppet Shepherds

  • You can even create animal puppets. You will need some match sticks for the legs, a cylindrical cut for the body (not a cone), some cotton (if it is a woolly animal) and the right face of the animal (Trust me, this can go horribly wrong!)

06. Animal Puppet

  • Say Angels are involved in your story, why not use a string and attach it to an ice-cream stick. You can hold it from top to give an above-the-ground effect.

07. Puppet Angels

Put together, we get the nativity scene:

07.Nativity Scene

And that’s all from me. I would love to know your fantastic ideas. Make sure you chip them in, in the comments section below.

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