Jesus helps me when I ask- Game

Here’s a game that teaches children that Jesus helps them when they pray.

Focus                            : Ask Jesus for help

Key Verse                  : Then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.[Psalm 50:15 NLT]

Age Group                  : 8 years and above

Game category         : Outdoor; 20-30 children batch max

Materials required  : None

Preparation               : None


  • Choose a child to be the catcher.
  • When the game conductor signals ‘Start’, the catcher runs to catch someone.
  • While he/she is targeting a child, that child should shout ‘Help! Help!’.
  • Other children try to help run close to him/ her and hold his/her hand without being caught by the catcher.
  • The catcher cannot catch someone who has found help like this.
  • But if a child is caught without any help he/she becomes the next catcher.


In this game, you had some friends protecting you from the catcher. All you had to
do is ask for help. In life, people will not be able to help you always. But do you know
someone who can help you at all times? [Let the kids answer- Jesus!] What should
you do? [Let the kids answer – Just ask Jesus!]


This game is an excerpt from Kids Camp 2015, ‘Do you love me?’. Click here for more information.



Picture Courtesy: Interact Dataset

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