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A heart with Jesus

This game reminds the children that we can always see a difference in the lives of people who have Jesus in their heart. Target Audience: Intermediate  (9 to 12 years) Preparation: In a small chit of paper write “Jesus” and fold it. Method: Choose one player as the ‘Detective’. Ask him or her to leave the room until you call them in. Make the … Read More A heart with Jesus

Jesus in my heart

Have you planned a lesson which talks about the goodness of inviting Jesus into your hearts?  Here’s a good supplementary game that emphasizes this message effectively for younger kids. Target Audience: Tyro  (3 to 8 years) Preparation: Draw a big circle on the ground using chalk/ masking tape. Method: Make the children stand on the circle. When you say, “Jesus is in my heart” … Read More Jesus in my heart


Jesus helps me when I ask- Game

Here’s a game that teaches children that Jesus helps them when they pray.