OBEY Bracelet

The Bible talks about the blessings of obedience in all its books. Here is an easy to do craftwork, that will help you explain the significance of obedience while the children are working at it.

This craft is an excerpt from Kids Camp 2015 – Nessipaya? [Do you love me?], A fisherman’s true story.

Session Time 10min
Audience Size Small
Age Group Beginner

Things you will need: 

  • A small piece of satin ribbon for each child.
  • Obey Bracelet Template
  • Quarter ice-scream stick for each child.

Things to prepare:

  • Cut the template along the dotted lines.
  • Roll it into a bead by sticking its ends together using glue or cellophane tape.
  • Take a small piece of ice-cream stick and tie it to one end of the satin ribbon.


  • Give each kid a satin ribbon with the ice-cream stick tied on one end.
  • Place the beads you have prepared in the center of the class.
  • Ask the kids to search for a bead with the letter ‘O’.
  • Once they find it, help them thread the ribbon through the bead. The ice-cream stick will prevent the beads from falling out.
  • Similarly, help them find and thread all the beads in order – ‘O’, ‘B’, ‘E’, ‘Y’.
  • Once all the beads have been threaded, untie the ice-cream stick from the ribbon and tie the obey bracelet to their wrist.

Optional ideas:

  • You can color each letter differently so that it will be easier for the smaller kids to search the respective bead. (You can even write the letters yourself in different color papers instead of using the given template)

Key Message: 

God is happy when you obey

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