God is Good [Tyro]

God is good! Here’s a small one-hour session that will help tiny tots learn that God is Good. Happy teaching!

Level Tyro
Age Group Kindergarten to 4 Grade (3 to 8 years)
Story Naaman is healed
Message God is very good. He helps those who come to him because he is good.
Bible Portion 2 Kings 5:1-15a
Memory Verse Taste and see that the LORD is good. Psalm 34:8
Activity The echo cave (Game)


Materials required: None


How many of you like chocolates? Does it taste good or bad? [Let the children answer] Yes! It tastes very good. The Bible says “God is good”. Would you all repeat after me?

Taste and see that the LORD is good. Psalm 34:8

[Repeat the verse until the children learn by rote]

Today I am going to tell you a story of a man who found God to be very good. Are you excited?

In a country called Syria, there lived Naaman, the commander of the Army. He was a very respected man. He had many men under him who would fight battles. The king of the country loved Naaman very much. Not just the king, but also all the people. He was a Hero in Syria. Though Naaman was thought of as a hero, he was a sad man. Do you know why? He was very sad because he had a very bad skin disease. It caused lot of sores all over his body. It hurt him.

There was a little girl in Naaman’s house who noticed the Naaman was sad about something. She soon found out that Naaman had a very bad disease and that is why he was sad. She knew that God could help Naaman. Why do you think God helps people? He helps us because he is good. Would you repeat after me? “God is good” The little girl went and told Mrs. Naaman about a Man of God who could pray for him. When he prayed, God listened and healed people. Can you tell me why? [Let the children answer: “God is good!”]

Naaman listened and went to the man of God. He was called Elisha. Elisha asked Naaman to go and wash himself in the river Jordan seven times. How many times? [Let the children answer: “Seven!”] Naaman went to the river and dipped himself, would you count after me? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven times! And do you know what happened right after? His skin became just a little baby’s – so soft and nice. All the sores were gone. Do you think Naaman was happy? Yes! He was extremely happy! Why was he happy? He was happy because God was good to him! Would you repeat after me? “God is good!”

God is very good. He helps those who come to him. He will help you too if you ask Him. When you have a fever or cold, when you have fall down when you play, when you friend is not talking with you, what should you do? Ask the good God to help you. He will help you because He is good!

Shall we pray?

Dear Jesus,

Thank you being a good God. Please help me. Amen!


Game:  The echo cave

About the game: The game is going to be played inside a virtual cave – The echo cave. Anything that is said or done inside the cave is repeated exactly three times. (Or as many as you like 😉 )

Preparation: None

Materials required: None


  • Make the children stand in a big circle.
  • Explain to the kids about the ‘Echo cave’.
  • Anything you say or do must be repeated exactly three times by them.
  • Whoever gets it wrong must sit in the echo cave, until the sound “God is good” is heard.
  • Here’s an example:
    • You clap once.
    • All the kids must clap three times.
    • Those who get it right can continue playing the game.
    • Those who get it wrong must sit down.
    • Continue the game by jumping once/ shouting ‘good’ once, etc…
    • In between loudly shout “God is good” and make the children repeat after you.
    • When this happens all those who are out and are sitting can stand up and continue playing the game.

Message: God is good. He does only good things that will make you happy.


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